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The name ‘Chapell’ means flourishing beyond boundaries and therefore, Chapell Tours & Treks is a pioneering leader in the Bhutan Travel industry, dedicated to providing you the most innovative and engaging travel experiences. The company founder started the company to provide travel services to her friends who wanted to visit Bhutan in 2007. Ever since, our company established, we have provided the best travel experience in the lives to more than 300 small group and private journeys, and we are still counting. The company offers trips for every adventurous spirit—from cultural tours to hiking and trekking odysseys in the Bhutanese himalayan mountains to private & luxury journeys.

We are a highly experienced and dedicated team of local tourism experts committed to ensuring the most memorable Bhutan holiday to experience the diversity of Bhutan – from the Himalayas in the North, East and West to the tropical plains in the South. Our aim is to provide quality service to clients from around the globe.

Bhutan is known as Druk-Yul or the Land of the Thunder Dragon is fast gaining popularity as a top tourist destinations for its biodiversity rich pristine environment, well preserved culture and the development philosophy of Gross National Happiness. You cannot find a more enlightening travel destination today. Perched high on the most sacred and the mightiest mountains of the Himalayas, the Kingdom of Bhutan is a land of mystery and a journey back in time for some, and to others Bhutan’s traditional society in accord with modernity manifests its rich and vibrant culture. Its history steeped in sacred tantric Buddhism and the people’s living resonate harmony between human and nature. The colourful costumes and people during the traditional Bhutanese festivals will fascinate you. Bhutan offers superb natural scenery and some of the best trekking landscape on earth.

Bhutan has earned a reputation as one of top travel destinations on earth that even the most seasoned travellers consider a privilege to visit and very few make it. If Bhutan has been on your bucket list or a must visit country, and want to be one of the few, who is planning or thinking of visiting Bhutan. Do it with one of the best travel operators in Bhutan. Explore Bhutan with Chapell Tours & Treks (Chapell TT), the reliable tour operator for personalised services with Bhutanese hospitality.

Chapell Tours & Treks is one of the oldest and most experienced Bhutanese tour operators and travel agents accredited by the Tourism Council of Bhutan and a member of Association of Bhutanese Tour Operators (ABTO). Equipped with a team of experienced professionals and well established infrastructures, we are committed to providing top quality, Chapell TT operates value-based tours and treks that are environmentally and ecologically friendly, socially and culturally acceptable, and client-oriented.

When you plan your Bhutan trip with us, we can customise your Bhutan tour itinerary to suit your own interests. Furthermore, we allow great flexibility in your Bhutan travel itinerary and guarantee a life changing travel experience and a comfortable Bhutan travel. We assure you that you will have a wonderful travel experience in Bhutan.

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